Here you will find all of nada's war strategies

Note:For Nada's Attack Strategies, visit this page

Town Hall 7 StrategiesEdit

Town Hall 8 StrategiesEdit

WiPe Strategy for war

Golems are valuable DE to TH8 and Dragons are boring. A lvl3 Pekka has a lot of HP, less housing and a lot more damage than a golem. So we decided to try WIPE's out and had huge success. Naturally they are expensive and so we only use for war. And only for 3 star... Read more - gowipe - Mass hog - Gowiwipe(use witches in cc as th8 don't have them unlockeed yet) - HoGoWiVa

Watch Mass Dragon above in th7 guide

Town Hall 9 StrategiesEdit

  • None yet

Town Hall 10 StrategiesEdit

  • None yet

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