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• 1/25/2015

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Th7 requirement - nearly maxed, lvl 2 dragons, at least 200 level 7 walls(makes th8 bases much stronger and won't have to waste time doing them in th8) also maybe at least 75 war stars.

Th8 requirement - lvl 3 dragons, gowipe unlocked, barb king level 5, again 200 level 7 walls, and 100 war stars.

Th9 requirment - atleast 200 lvl 7 walls with maybe 50 level 8, AQ & BK level 5 at least, gowipe unlocked with level 3 pekkas, level 3 hogs, and 150 war stars.

(all these new members should have the gold grab and elixir escapde achivements)


 People who ask for difficult things all day long e.g req for wiz 10 times a day should be kicked. Only in war should these request be acceptable. 

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• 1/24/2015

Also, as these requirements are pretty strict, maybe only leader and Co-leader would accept players as they would know what they are looking for.

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